Check my Diet MOT

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Please download the forms below:

These are your Questionnaire, Food Diary and Terms & Conditions forms. The Terms & Conditions form contains the Commercial Agreement which states exactly how the MOT works and what it includes.

You can start filling in your food diary on any day of the week but ideally choose a 'typical' week. For example, don't pick a week filled with parties or events that might mean you'd be eating quite differently to a normal week - unless of course you do typically go to lots of events and parties!

Doing this helps me to get a clearer idea of where improvements or changes can be made as well as the types of food that you like and those that may be causing you problems or impacting on your health or weight.

If you've never filled in a food diary before, you may find it provides you with an insight into your eating habits that you were unaware of. It can be a real eye opener!

Please return by email your completed health questionnaire, food diary and signed terms and conditions form within 14 days after your purchase to:

After I've analysed your food diary and questionnaire, I may need to ask you further questions relating to either your food diary or questionnaire, in which case I'll send you an email. Once I have all the information I need, I can begin to prepare your personalised 7- day meal plan

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